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Chad tries to explain K-Pop to his family in this exclusive clip

Image of Nasim Pedrad as Chad Amani in TBS' Chad
Nasim Pedrad as Chad Amani
Screenshot: Chad

In her new TBS comedy Chad, Nasim Pedrad steps into the shoes of a 14-year-old boy, Ferydoon Amani, who changes his name to Chad in an effort to sound more American. Chad distances himself from his Iranian heritage in an attempt to appear more likable and relatable to his school peers, even though his identity bothers no one but him. In fact, Chad would rather embrace other cultures before his own, including his newfound interest in Korean popular music.


As seen in this exclusive clip from episode four, titled “K-Pop,” Chad sits for dinner with his mother Naz (Saba Homayoon), sister Niki (Ella Mika), and uncle Hamid (the delightful Paul Chahidi). While clumsily slurping down spaghetti, he tries to explain to them what K-Pop is—even though it’s “literally one of the most famous things on Earth” as Niki correctly points out—and how “it was made for him.” Niki teases him by saying it was made for teenage girls, so naturally, Chad proceeds to do his low-key version of a K-Pop dance routine.

In the episode, Chad joins the Asian Appreciation Club, and they all perform a dance in front of the school. It does not go as planned, and Chad has to deal with the fallout with different sets of friends.

“K-Pop” airs April 27 at 10:30 p.m. ET on TBS.

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