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Celebrities pound the pavement in a sneak peek at Billy On The Street

If you’re a fan of deceptively easy pop culture quiz shows and celebrities running around the streets of New York, then has TruTV got a trailer for you. Season four of Billy On The Street premieres October 8, and promises to be filled with stars and Billy Eichner’s puffing and shrieking.


As we reported earlier this week, lots of comedians and actors agreed to let Eichner drag them around Manhattan to delight and dumbfound strangers. Tina Fey, Bill Hader, Anna Kendrick, Julianne Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Chris Pratt all appear in the trailer, but Will Ferrell is MIA or possibly in disguise. The celeb-related games involve one-dollar bills, a hairbrush, and recognizing the star of a summer blockbuster (Pratt, in case you were wondering). Elsewhere, Eichner makes a man convey his Spectre excitement with spinning, introduces a game of “Cate Blanchett Or Curious George,” and fails to convince a woman that Emma Stone is down-to-earth.

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