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Celebrate Star Wars Day with this behind-the-scenes documentary on The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian
Photo: Disney+

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Monday, May 4. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (Disney+, 3:01 a.m.): May The Fourth celebrations kick off on Disney+ with a documentary on The Mandalorian. Here’s our resident Mando reviewer Katie Rife on what you can expect from this eight-part, behind-the-scenes docuseries:

Given the positive reception of The Mandalorian from critics and fans alike, good vibes were to be expected going in to Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. And much of the series’ first two episodes coast on this goodwill, with shots of beaming crew members talking about dreams and creativity as stirring music swells underneath. But even the most cynical viewer will have trouble meeting executive producer and director Dave Filoni’s bottomless enthusiasm for all things Star Wars with anything less than a smile. The same goes for Taika Waititi’s cheeky interview segment where he deadpans about what a horrible experience it was working on the show, as well as Carl Weathers’ mini-lecture on Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. It’s not for the uninitiated, but much like the show itself, it’s a refreshing break from the bitter divisiveness that’s dogged the series’ last couple of big-screen outings. There’s a part of everyone involved—from Jon Favreau on down the line—who’s still a kid playing with Star Wars action figures at heart, a sentiment that should resonate with longtime fans of the franchise.

Regular coverage

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Disney+) series finale: Hot on the heels of “Shattered” comes “Victory And Death,” the Clone Wars series closer. Join Kevin Johnson in sending off Ahsoka and team.


Wild card

Reno 911! (Quibi, 3:01 a.m.): Almost 11 years after its final episode aired on Comedy Central, the try-hard sheriffs of Reno 911! are patrolling the streets once again in the long-awaited reboot. The shifts aren’t quite as long; moving from Comedy Central to the short-form streamer Quibi called for a more condensed version of the fan favorite. But the change in format is proving to be a great asset for the largely improvised show that was praised more for its solid gags and sharp delivery than most of its tenuous story arcs. Sure, few would complain of getting more Reno, but the quick bites are just as indulgent as the show of yore with far less filler. The Reno Sheriff’s Department is still a total mess, the city’s residents (many of whom have returned and still have very little regard for the law, thank goodness) are still delightfully weird, and most importantly, the comedic chemistry between this time-tested troupe of ace players is still palpable. Quibi may be having a persistently rough start, but getting this fumbling, rowdy band back together is proving to be one of the platform’s best decisions. As odd of a hub as it is, it’s nice to be back in Reno. [Shannon Miller]

Get Curried (YouTube): Welcome back to Wild Card: Cooking Edition! The YouTube channel Get Curried has a few shows on its plate, but we’re going to single out Khana Peena Aur Cinema, which sees Varun Inamdar making recipes from Hollywood and Bollywood films. Try making the paneer kofta from The Lunchbox in honor of the late Irrfan Khan, the international film star who died last week at age 53.

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