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Celebrate Siblings Day with this dramatic trailer for season two of Bloodline

There wasn’t a whole lot of brotherly love in the first season of Netflix’s Bloodline, at least not between Kyle Chandler’s John Rayburn and Ben Mendelsohn’s Danny Rayburn—especially considering the thing that the one brother does to the other brother. However, today is Siblings Day in the United States, so it’s the perfect time for us to check back in on the whole Rayburn family and see how they’re handling the fallout of the first season’s dramatic ending. Spoiler alert: They’re not handling it well. Also worthy of a spoiler alert: This trailer not only references the murder of Mendelsohn’s Danny, but also the fact that his ghostly specter will be appearing to Chandler’s John this season. He may be missing his incredible cape from that Rogue One teaser, but it’s always good to see Ben Mendelsohn freaking people out with his whole spooky demeanor.


As we’ve previously reported, season two of Bloodline will premiere on Netflix on May 27.

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