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Catch up with Lucha Underground’s high-flying nonsense in this half-hour exclusive clip

There is literally nothing subtle about El Rey’s Lucha Underground, a show in which a woman named Sexy Star can kickflip a bunch of dudes in the face, while a man in a superhero mask demands someone bring him “the descendants of the seven Aztec tribes.” It is a beautiful nonsense show, with the ridiculousness of the events backstage at “The Temple” being off-set by the athleticism and spinning grace of the battles in the ring.


But let’s say you’ve gotten behind on your Lucha this year. Maybe you don’t know what’s up with The Crew, or the villainous antics of Pentagon Jr. Or maybe you just want to watch a 33-minute clip of men and women punching each other and executing beautiful flips. (So many beautiful flips.) Either way, we’ve got you covered, thanks to an exclusive clip recapping the show’s entire second season, in advance of next Wednesday’s two-hour-long finale. (You can read our coverage of last year’s conclusion, which apparently involved someone named Vampiro getting caught on fire, right here.) So why not turn off your brain for half an hour, slip on your homemade TV-wrestling mask, and chill out with the most beautiful jumpkicks and hideous acting you’ll probably watch all year?

[Note: El Rey, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]