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Bullies and the government hate the X-Men in this trailer for Fox’s The Gifted

Earlier this month, Fox shared a very brief teaser for The Gifted, its new X-Men-adjacent series about two parents trying to protect their mutant child from mutant-hating authorities. That teaser told us virtually nothing, and the Marvel logo at the beginning was the only indication that it was for an X-Men show, but now Fox has shared a full trailer that shows off some of the more crucial details. We get young people using their mutant powers, anti-mutant bullies (or at least anti-nerd bullies), and an appearance from government jerks looking to arrest mutants just for being different. There’s even a casual reference to The X-Men and The Brotherhood—the name given to Magneto’s team of evil mutants—though neither team makes a proper appearance.

The Gifted stars Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, and it’s set to premiere on Fox in the fall.


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