You've cringed at Britain's Worst Teeth. You've reveled in the guilt-free tawdriness of sensitive freak shows like I Married The Eiffel Tower and My Fake Baby. Now watch as eight ordinary human beings crawl around on all-fours, eat slop, and crouch near mating animals—all to give you "The-Farmer-Says"-See-'n-Say-level insight into the animal kingdom. Behold: My Life As An Animal, aka Goin' Feral!     

Considering Britain's (and BBC America's) voracious appetite for sensitive freak shows, it was only a matter of time before Britain's supply of freaks dwindled down to a few crazy-eyed nothings and they had to look elsewhere. Naturally they turned to America, chewing up and spitting out some of our most colorful freaks for shows like My Car Is My Lover and Married To The Eiffel Tower. But the gnawing hunger for stranger, more fetishy, more freaky freaks could not be sated. And so the BBC built a freak factory, and began to churn out their very own specially manufactured brand of freaks: faux-feral weirdos with a hint of bestiality (for extra flavor). The result is My Life As An Animal, a show that forms a perfect circle of stupidity in your brain as you watch it. I can't wait for the American version!