This installment of Polite Fight tackles “Rebecca,” which might be Better Call Saul’s best episode so far. Kim Wexler steals the episode, and most of Gus and John’s discussion focuses on her, with an in-depth look at her show-stopping montage and the meaning we drew from the (literal) signs we saw in the sequence’s climactic shot. A comment from this bear is tops blooby sets off a discussion about the gloomy feel of this week’s cold open, and John and Gus both have ideas about how the color blue ties Chuck to Kim. Gus also notes a budding story arc with the introduction of the titular Rebecca, who has parallels with Kim. And prompted by speculation by tja68 on the Hector Salamanca cliffhanger, our hosts discuss Vince Gilligan’s use of the lore that his spin-off inherited from Breaking Bad. In the end, John and Gus conclude, “In Vince we trust.”