Making good on the vague threats Billy Bob Thornton has purred between the acts of Justified and The Americans, here’s the first look at FX’s Fargo that isn’t entirely whipped by Midwestern winds or buried in snow there. The trailer eliminates the need for constant reminders that the contents of this tan Ciera aren’t what you’re expecting: The tone’s the same as the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, the bleak winter landscape is familiar, and there’s a memorable punchline about barf—but there’s nary a son-of-a-Gunderson to be found. Instead, there’s a montage of desperate people in desperate situations, trying to keep a stiff, Midwestern upper lip in the presence of a convenience store holdup, rumors of gambling problems (and drugs and illegal relations with a minor, for Pete’s sake), and the devil on Martin Freeman’s shoulder represented by Thornton’s Lorne Malvo. (However, there’s no indication of what inner demon urged Lorne to walk into the barbershop and declare, “Give me the Lloyd Christmas!”) This blizzard of down-home noir appears to be descending upon Freeman’s meek, Jerry Lundegaard type, but the most telling indication of where Fargo is heading comes from Allison Tolman as the not-at-all ironically named Deputy Molly Solverson. “You think this could be, like, an organized crime thing?” Oh, you betcha.