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It seems Bates Motel, a.k.a. the most entertaining show you’re not watching, has started a trend. Despite being originally slated to air on Lifetime, new series Damien decided to find a home better suited to TV shows based on beloved horror films. Hence, A&E will be airing the new supernatural drama, stemming from the 1976 horror classic The Omen, in which the devil’s spawn grows into a ruggedly handsome antihero played by the guy who played Arthur on Merlin. This first teaser for the show is all moody atmosphere and dark images, which suggests the series might not actually be about Damien sitting on the couch eating ice cream straight from the tub, venting about how all the good men are already taken. There’s no date set beyond next year sometime, which means A&E has no excuse to not premiere this on 6/6/16, the evil-est day of summer.


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