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Blink and you’ll miss the teaser for AMC’s Schwimmer-fied Feed The Beast

Good news for the legions of David Schwimmer devotees out there presumably self-identifying as “Schwim Fans”: The man who once tried to make leather pants less sticky by applying lotion to his legs has been having a banner year. In addition to giving the Kardashian family its most recognizable version of a sympathetic human being on American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, now Schwimmer is starring in a new AMC series, Feed The Beast, with Jim Sturgess (21, Cloud Atlas). The channel has just released a quick teaser for the upcoming program, and you may want to play it in slow-motion, as otherwise it’s over before you can say, “We were on a break!”

We previously reported on the story, which concerns two best friends, Tommy and Dion, who “take one last shot at their dream of opening a restaurant.” Sturgess plays Dion, the angsty chef, while Schwimmer plays Tommy, described as “the best sommelier in the city who is the widowed father of a teenage son.” It also includes support from Michael Gladis (Mad Men), playing a mobster, and Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno, Knock Knock) as a member of Tommy’s grief group. You don’t really get any of that from the teaser, which just shows The Artist Formerly Known As Ross walking through some hunks of meat, and Sturgess flipping shrimp in a skillet. Look for those shots, and presumably roughly 42 minutes’ worth of additional footage, when the series premieres May 31.

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