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Billy provokes the wrath of Lin-Manuel Miranda in the Difficult People season 2 trailer

Hey, have you heard about this Hamilton thing? Of course you have, you’re on the internet right now. (And if you’re not on the internet, how did you get here? Spooky.) Billy Eichner has certainly heard of Hamilton. It’s exclusive, it’s New York-centric, and its creator has a name that’s fun to say. The only way it could be more appealing to Billy Eichner is if Meryl Streep was involved.


So it’s not surprising to see Billy and co-star Julie Klausner trying to spin the Hamilton hype to their own advantage in a sneak peek of season two of their Hulu show, Difficult People. It’s slightly more surprising to see Hamilton creator himself Lin-Manuel Miranda show up, not because Eichner and Klausner don’t have that kind of pull, but because Miranda must be very busy these days. Then again, Miranda is saying farewell to his creation in July. Perhaps a recurring role as Klausner’s wacky neighbor in season three? Think about it, Lin-Manuel. What else are you doing—besides, well, everything?

The new season of Difficult People premieres on Hulu on July 12.

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