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Billy Bob Thornton is a bad lawyer (but not the funny kind) in this Goliath trailer

It seems kind of rare to see Billy Bob Thornton turn in an intensely powerful and compelling performance these days (give or take a Fargo), but he definitely seems to be bringing some serious game to Goliath, his upcoming Amazon legal drama. The show comes from David E. Kelley—returning to TV for the first time in a few years—and it stars Thornton as a drunken lawyer who used to be a total hotshot until his drinking started driving everyone away from him. Once a high-profile wrongful death suit comes his way, though, he tries to get his act together. Meanwhile, William Hurt is there as an evil lawyer, and he just wants to do whatever it takes to destroy Thornton’s character. There’s a lot of drama going on in this teaser for the show, even if the context isn’t totally clear, so it seems like the final project could end up being pretty heavy stuff.

Goliath premieres on Amazon on October 14.


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