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Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are true to life in the Documentary Now! trailer

Documentary Now!, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen’s fake documentary series for IFC, isn’t premiering until August 20, but you can watch the trailer right now. As befitting a show where grand dame Helen Mirren introduces each installment with the deeply serious tone of someone committed to this silliness, the series appears to cover all the standard documentary bases. You’ve got your Ken Burns-looking historical imagery; the slow-motion Errol Morris reenactment stuff; and, of course, the early Maysles Brothers grainy-footage-of-bizarre-people aesthetic. It’s a promising-looking series, and the fact they only made six episodes suggests we’ll be ready for more, very soon. So Hader and Armisen better get to work making sure more fake history happens, so they can then proceed to make fake documentaries about it.


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