Prior to cleaning up messes for Walter White, Bill Burr earned a reputation as one of comedy’s premier ranters, a performer who takes the stage with multiple chips on his shoulders and proceeds to unload them in pointed, matter-of-fact fashion. When unloading on touchy topics, he’s essentially the animatedly aggrieved dad at the stand-up dinner table—which makes for a natural transition into playing an actual aggrieved dad in Netflix’s animated period comedy, F Is For Family. As seen in the exclusive trailer above, Burr’s Massachusetts accent seems like it’s always issued from the mouth of Frank Murphy, the balding, beer-bellied patriarch trying (and failing) to make sense of the changing world of 1973. Getting an animated-family-comedy pedigree from its showrunner, Simpsons writer-producer Michael Price, F Is For Family combines the fatherly anxiety of King Of The Hill with the setting of That ’70s Show—or, more appropriate for the era being depicted, Hanna-Barbera’s spin on All In The Family, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Co-starring Laura Dern, Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, and Haley Reinhart, the series debuts December 18.