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Big Sky signs off for the season

Valerie Mahaffey
Valerie Mahaffey
Photo: ABC/Darko Sikman

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Tuesday, December 15. All times are Eastern. 


Top pick

Big Sky (ABC, 10:01 p.m., midseason finale): Big Sky has certainly had its share of entertaining moments. The photo above, in which a bowl of chocolatey cereal is being dumped on character actor Valerie Mahaffey’s head, should prove that. But as it heads into its winter finale, there’s still much to be desired. But tonight’s episode could change that. Here’s LaToya Ferguson on last week’s aptly named “Unfinished Business”:

The reason this episode works for Jenny is simple though, and it’s something that’s been clear since the pilot: If the show’s not The Cassie Dewell Show, then Cassie and Jenny together, that’s the show. They are Dewell and Hoyt Private Investigations. They are the pair with the chemistry. Their dynamic is the hook. This should be obvious, as they’re (supposedly) the characters who’ll be sticking around once this particular case is closed. So after three episodes of Katheryn Winnick having barely anything to show for starring on this series, “Unfinished Business” is the first where she actually seems like she’s enjoying being here—and the first one where she actually has reason to. Winnick is clearly having fun here, and more importantly, she’s having fun with Kylie Bunbury. [...] It’s a problem that these scenes made me think, “I’d love to watch a David E. Kelley show about these two private investigators.” Because that’s still not actually what Big Sky is.

The trailer for this week’s episode sure makes it seem like we could get that show eventually. Watch for LaToya’s recap.

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Holiday stuff

Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas With Vanessa Williams (PBS, 8 p.m., premiere): Celebrate a jazz legend with a bunch of other great singers and some very festive tunes.

Wild cards

Song Exploder (Netflix, 3:01 a.m., complete second season): Song Exploder, Volume 2: 2 Songs 2 Explode. This season’s guests include Dua Lipa, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, and Natalia Lafourcade.

30 For 30: The Infinite Race (ESPN, 8 p.m., premiere): The latest installment of ESPN’s celebrated series centers on the Tarahumara, a Mexican indigenous community, whose vaunted running abilities led to a global trend of barefoot running even as cartel violence wreaked havoc within their community.

The Bachelorette (ABC, 8 p.m.): It’s a double Bachelorette week, with last night’s Men Tell All leading into tonight’s “hometown” “visits.” If things get truly bonkers in this, the weirdest season in Bachelor Nation history, we’ll sound the klaxon and convene an emergency roundtable; otherwise, feel free to head over to our sister site The Takeout for their suitably surreal coverage.