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You Win Or You DieThe A.V. Club’s weekly dead pool where we place our bets on who we think will die in this week’s Game Of Thrones episode.   

Alas, poor Osha. She got a knife in the neck on last week’s Game Of Thrones, and while that might be tragic for her character, it meant quite a few of us raked in medium bucks upon her demise. Those of us who are up hope to continue our roll with this week’s Thrones dead pool odds, courtesy once again of nationally syndicated oddsmaker Benjamin Eckstein, who now asks that we call him the Grand Maester Of Handicapping. His very scientific odds are below, along with his prophecies for the rest of the season. Bet your fake Westerosi bucks at your own peril.

3-1 Loras Tyrell

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The oddsmaker says: He looked very sickly. His will to live has been sapped, and his death would be the perfect excuse for the Tyrell army to attack.

The A.V. Club says: He does seem ready to die. The only problem is whether or not the High Sparrow will let him.

4-1 Kevan Lannister, the hand of the king


The oddsmaker says: Cersei and Jaime need to clear away all the weeds and the chaff so they can control the boy king.

The A.V. Club says: Indeed, his days are probably numbered. But given this week’s preview, it’s unclear whether we’ll be spending much time in the Red Keep at all.

4-1 Rickon Stark


The oddsmaker says: Anything is possible with ballistic Bolton running the show up north.

The A.V. Club says: Eckstein’s right, especially now that it looks like there’s no real plan to get them all out alive.

5-1 Jorah Mormont


The oddsmaker says: I’m tired of looking at the greyscale every week, so if he doesn’t die maybe he can get some Botox.

The A.V. Club says: Now that he’s helped save Daenerys, is his mission complete?

8-1 Daario Naharis


The oddsmaker says: He’s probably going to get one more romp with the Queen Of Dragons, so he’ll hang around.

The A.V. Club says: That’s another yep. He’s too handsome to get it just yet, unless he goes in a really heroic fashion.

10-1 Theon, Yara, or Aeron Greyjoy


The oddsmaker says: This seems like a fair price for an entire family.

The A.V. Club says: We like these odds, especially with Yara claiming the throne in the trailer for Sunday’s episode.

15-1 The Field: Grand Maester Pycelle, The Night’s King, Meera Reed, Leaf, Daenerys’ new khaleesi friend, the High Priestess Of The Dosh Khaleen, or any of the emissaries Tyrion made a deal with this past week


The oddsmaker says: You’re getting really good value for a whole bunch of people, but chances are that none of them are going to die. If anyone from the field dies, you get this value.

The A.V. Club says: Nine people for the cost of one? Seems like a solid bet to us. Those emissaries have a target on their backs.

15-1 Robin Arryn


The oddsmaker says: I heard that his contract runs for at least three more episodes. Don’t tell anyone.

The A.V. Club says: First of all, he knows no such thing. Don’t believe him. Second, God, someone please kill this little piece of shit kid.

20-1 Varys


The oddsmaker says: Varys is like the old gossip queen Rona Barrett. He’ll never die.

The A.V. Club says: Timely reference, Grand Maester! We kind of agree, too.

20-1 Grey Worm


The oddsmaker says: He’s going to die eventually, but the battle’s probably not going to happen this week. Take your chances. It’s a nice return, but I don’t think he’s going to die this week.

The A.V. Club says: We like the idea that he’ll die just as Daenerys re-enters the city, thus spurring her on even further. After all, Tyrion’s deal didn’t make him all that happy last week.

25-1 Littlefinger


The oddsmaker says: He’s too devious to not stay until the end of the season.

The A.V. Club says: Probably true, though if looks can kill, the one Sansa gives him in this week’s trailer is downright murderous.

30-1 No one on our list dies

Illustration: Nick Wanserski


The A.V. Club says: Every week people pick this, and every week they lose. Maybe this week they’ll break the cycle?

40-1 The Three-Eyed Raven


The oddsmaker says: That’s not going to happen. Not even George R.R. Martin would kill a bird.

The A.V. Club says: Well, he’s not exactly a bird, but still, he’s probably pretty safe inside that tree, unless something goes horribly awry during one of Bran’s visions.

50-1 Ramsay Bolton


The oddsmaker says: After watching him peel the apple and then peel Osha, I’m deathly afraid of putting him too high on the list just in case he’s reading.

The A.V. Club says: While we’re not afraid of a fictional character, Ramsay is pretty goddamn terrifying. It does seem unlikely that he’ll get it this week, though the real question is who actually does the deed when he does go down.

50-1 Missandei


The oddsmaker says: She’s not going anywhere either.

The A.V. Club says: See our Grey Worm reasoning above.

100-1 Bran Stark


The oddsmaker says: There’s no way he’s dying. Even if he dies, he’s not dead.

The A.V. Club says: Solid point, but that presents a conundrum for the staffer doing all the calculations. If someone dies but then comes back, does that count as them being dead? At least for that week?

100-1 Melisandre


The oddsmaker says: We need to see one more smoke baby before she leaves the show.

The A.V. Club says: Gross.

Over/Under on total deaths: 4 ½

Prophecies for profit: (Note: These can happen at any point over the course of the season.)

3-1 Jon Snow will find a dragon inside the wall and ride it. It’ll spit ice instead of fire.


The oddsmaker says: I’m a little crazy, but if this happens, people will start doing a pilgrimage to my door.

The A.V. Club says: There’s no way this happens.

Previous prophecies:


3-1: Rickon’s direwolf did not really die. It’s a trick!
3-1 Daenerys Targaryen sleeps with Khal Moro, and then kills him. (Nope.—ed.)
6-5 The Hound comes back to life.

Our picks this week are:

John Teti ($1,680 in his bank): On vacation this week, so maybe the rest of us can catch up.
Katie Rife ($315): $10 on Loras, $10 on Robin Arryn, $10 on one of the Greyjoys, and $20 on the field
Marah Eakin ($258): $30 on the field, $20 on one of the Greyjoys, $20 on Kevan, and $20 on the over. “I’m spreading my money around and hoping to come out ahead.”
Erik Adams ($165): $30 on the field, $10 on the Greyjoys, and $10 on no one from the list
Josh Modell ($135): $40 on the under, $10 on any Greyjoy
Nick Wanserski ($115): $30 on the field, $30 on nobody on the list
Danette Chavez ($110): $10 on Jorah
Alex McCown ($105): $10 on no one, $10 on the field
Caity PenzeyMoog ($52): $10 on Loras, $30 on the field, $12 on the over. “I’m winning something this week or I’m donezo.”


With $0 remaining, David Anthony, first of his name, has been eliminated from the competition.