When you were an invalid child sitting in a wicker chaise lounge on the porch of a convalescent home while the rest of your family was off having fun on vacation, your parents had to trudge two miles through the resort town, risking contact with townies, just to mail you an insincere "Wish you were here" letter. It would take their missive at least two weeks to get to you, and since you were usually blinded by tears that your absent parents would never wipe away, you often couldn't read the letter anyway, and so much good taunting went to waste.

Nowadays, however, invalid kids have it so easy. They only have to turn on a computer to be taunted by their vacationing family members—and since they can actually see how much fun their family is having with out them in real time, it hurts that much more. Thanks, Best Buy.


"Sure, Billy. You can be part of the vacation again. By watching it! When we're making smores around the campfire, we'll even hold one up to the camera so you can feel like you're eating it. Then your sister will eat it for you. We'll even leave you a jar of marshmallow fluff and a bottle of chocolate syrup next to your scratching stick by the couch, so you can make your own "smore." It'll be fun! Why are you crying, Billy? Well, you should have thought about that before you broke your leg. The world doesn't revolve around you, young man."