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Being a dick is Archer’s job in this season 8 trailer

Archers heading to Dreamland while its lead remains in a coma (or in the afterlife), so this first full trailer for the season ahead wants you to just say noir to its mix of Dashiell Hammett and the usual drugged-out shenanigans of the crew. And it looks like Archer’s dreamed up an impressive life for everyone in this new 1947 setting. Malory’s mobbed up, Archer’s a dick (but it’s cool, because that’s slang for “detective”), Lana’s a torch singer, and Pam’s a bruiser, of course. Even Cyril comes across as mildly competent, while Ray’s in perfect health (for now). Things could—and probably will—all go to hell, though, especially with Cheryl playing a femme fatale-type.

Archer’s new mystery will unfold on April 5.


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