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Beauty & The Geek: Lovelorn Science

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To pick up from last week's big cliffhanger, I was sad to see Tara pick Joe in lieu of Jonathan, because Joe's big-mouth personality seemed to indicate that he was better off on the social sphere than Jonathan, plus, I thought Jonathan was cuter. The sadness was not diminished at all by Jonathan saying that it would be nice for him to see his mom. Aaw.

Definitely the strangest duo though to come out of the beauties-picking-geeks plot twist was Tiffany and Jim. She acted like picking him was an epiphany, yet when she her hands on him, her changes were purely cosmetic (although, if you have a weirdo personality and b.o., deodorant is definitely more of a priority than pickup lines.)

Sometimes on BATG a couple comes along that seems a little TOO ready for the ground-breaking change and that was Tiffany and Jim tonight. Tiffany kept talking about how much Jim changed her life, but we never really saw any evidence of them getting to know each other at all. In fact, I thought his repeated "facepalm" as Tiffany flubbed during the science fair was fairly obnoxious.

After the science fair and relationship advice challenges, Matt and Leticia were sent to elimination with Tiffany and Jim. While I thought "Ohh, it'll be a shame to see either team go," I realized that the only person out of the four who seemed to really need the competition was Jim. Matt looks dorky but he definitely seems to be rooted in the real world. Both Tiffany and Leticia seem smarter than they let on. Jim, however, is another story. I admired the way that he forthrightly asked Tiffany for a kiss (and the respectful way she handled his request), but it's not normal to interpret some flirty competition as actual romance. I also couldn't imagine kissing that science face.

The show seems to be picking up so far this season. The teams are promising (I'm interested in seeing how, for instance, Randi and Greg make do) and the challenges thus far have been entertaining. And next week is the big one: makeovers! I admit that I tried looking at the special secret CW site to see if they have pictures up from the next episode for me to peep but alas, I have to wait like everyone else.

Grade: A-

Stray observations:

—"I don't give romantic advice. I TAKE romantic advice. I BEG for romantic advice." I loved this quote from Matt, and it helps prove to me that despite what he says, no matter when he gets eliminated, he'll be fine.

—I thought the challenges were good tonight, more on the geek side than anything else. It was charming to see the geeks who made sure their beauties understood their science projects, and the geeks who put their own personalities and experience into their radio advice.

—Dr. Drew didn't need to be that big a dick to Chris.