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Beauty & The Geek: "It's Good To Be King"

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Ahem. I apologize. I know all-caps and multiple exclamation marks are not exactly hallmarks of quality writing, but how would you choose to commemorate this most holy of reality TV show episodes?

The geeks succumbed to their inevitable physical upgrades more willingly than most of the girls do on America's Next Top Model. And there were a few pleasant surprises, perhaps most of all being David, who with his capes and velcro shoes came dangerously close to embodying Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons, but he came out looking pretty sharp thanks to a shave, haircut and contacts. Nicole emerged with a gorgeous head of hair, sort of resembling Pam from The Office. It was nice to see that she wasn't given some ridiculously over-the-top treatment with new teeth and lips and everything. And Joshua came out looking like himself, but in a way that intended that he meant to look like that. Trouble in paradise seems to be looming though for William and his teammate, as Jennifer seemed let down by his transformation to a redhead.

So once again the geeks got a challenge that was unbelievably easy compared to the beauties'. I know, I know, being outgoing and convincing people to vote for you as prom king can be difficult for shy people but not so much if you're liquored up and are around people who already seem amused and intrigued by your presence plus your self-esteem has been boosted by a makeover. Teaching, however, is a hard task regardless of intellect. Shay won the teaching competition, edging out Sam, who was the only other beauty who seemed to have any confidence in front of the kids. His time in the classroom was one of the only times we've really seen Nicole give him props in any form. They still have yet to gel as a team, and who knows if they will—those of us who don't buy him as a real person will have to see past that, plus there's a form of affection that the female beauties and male geeks have for each other that might not translate between Sam and Nicole. Otherwise, this was another major bonding episode for the teams as the beauties seemed to have absolutely no problem letting the geeks have their moments in the spotlight.

After Shay won the teaching challenge and John and his new haircut and dramatic eyebrows won the prom king challenge, they chose Sam and Nicole and Luke and Katie to go to the elimination room, but not before Joshua called out David and Jasmine for not working well enough yet as a team. Instead of crying or calling him a bitch behind his back, David said "I accept the criticism". He and Jasmine can be a kick, separately, and it would be fun to see them start to work together.

So Luke and Katie got sent home. While they were a pleasant duo, they didn't seem to need the competition as much as other couples. She already seemed fairly enlightened for a beauty and he almost got a little too cocky there with his makeover—then again, Zoolander impressions is one of my turn-offs.

Soon it'll be time to start placing odds on which couples really have the potential to make it to the finals. Part of me thinks that Shay and Joshua must be next to be eliminated as their relationship is so sweet: she cares about him so much and he dutifully takes her sometimes harsh advice. But who knows, maybe he'll be like Luke—now that he's had his makeover, he, and his shower cap, will be out of control.

Grade: B+

Stray observations:

—Guys, if you do get makeovers, please don't get highlights. It might be OK on TV but in real life all we think of when we see them is you sitting in the chair with little bits of tinfoil in your hair and how bad they're going to look when they grow out.

—Sammy the stylist does a wonderful Paris Hilton impression, down to the bored shoulder-shrugging.

—It was sweet of Shay to take such an interest in Josh's personal appearance but those who wear green metallic eyeshadow with big green earrings and a green patterned shirt should not throw stones.

—I'm glad the producers didn't turn the prom challenge into some sob story about how bad the geeks' prom experiences were, because at least from my perspective, most people's proms were letdowns. By the way, who were those other guests at the prom? They looked too old for high school and not drunk enough for college.

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