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Beauty & The Geek: Flame Broiled Geeks

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All apologies for this going up so late: everything should be on schedule next week. But it was a tough week for beauties, including yours truly and the gals on Beauty and the Geek (like that transition?) Seriously, though, didn't it seem like another week where the beauties' work seemed tougher than the guys'? The firefighting challenge definitely appeared physically grueling but having to sort through trash while doing math and then answering more arithmetic questions (as compared to trivia about heroes) seemed much harder. Then again, the girls looked kind of cute in their trashwoman outfits.

Joe became slightly more palatable this episode as he stood up for Tara after the girls wanted to terrorize her in her sleep. Of course, him spitting on the floor in front of Randi after she blew up in front of him was less than charming, but nobody seemed to be taking Randi's side, including Tara and also, notably, Greg. Also, I could have done without Joe's bromides about all the various battles that him vs. Randi were similar to. As my fiance noted, "There's nothing worse than an over-confident geek."

While Joe is still an obnoxious womanly-looking man, his complicated relationship with Tara has improved to the point where I was happier that they stayed instead of Randi and Greg. It was definitely hard to like Randi: it was pretty shitty of her not to accept Joe's apology, she was abrasive and she wore shorts that were way too small for her. Then again, she did actually seem to have a positive effect on Greg, the outsider of the competition, so she wasn't a true villain.

Grade: A-

—What was with Leticia this episode? She looked kind of beat at the beginning and then she showed up to a fire challenge wearing a bra on the outside of her shirt?

—The guys' pretty much all fail with their new hair: whoever did Tommy's, Joe's and Chris' should all be fired.

—Were Joe and Tommy holding hands in the kitchen?