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Beauty & The Geek: Extra Special Beauty and the Geek Special

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I hope you'll understand if I'm unable to stretch a clip show featuring Geekslusives into an extremely long entry. While Jim's makeover was certainly exciting, I knew it was a bad sign that it was the main teaser for the episode. So let me just automatically give this episode its grade:

Grade: D

and skip straight to the

Stray observations:

—I wish more guys followed Matt's lead and used the word "aggrandized" to describe over-inflated boobs.

—I wouldn't mind hearing more about Jason's body and how/why he got it.

—If I could put a moment of the show into the Hall of Shame for Time Filler, it would be the mock ad for the "Tater Mate."

—I can't believe Joe is so disgusting. Doesn't he have a mother? (If not, I feel really bad).

—I felt kind of cheated that we were given about twenty seconds of casting footage. I think a whole casting episode would have been more interesting/entertaining than a clip show.

—I thought it was funny that Greg cried when he felt like an outcast and cried when he felt accepted, but also unusual that he had a pierced nipple and such a great singing voice—two things you wouldn't think a shy person would flaunt (or, in the case of the nipple, have.)

—Jim's makeover was definitely the best one of the entire season: I wish we had learned more about what he was actually up to since the show because he seemed to have a totally new, happy attitude, and obviously something had caused him to scale back his look so that he didn't seem quite as sociopathic. But he did turn out looking good—I had a feeling he would, since he had a cute smile underneath that beard, but you can never tell with this show, if they were going to give him a goatee or an ironic mullet or what.

—The reason why the episode didn't completely fail was because of Jim's makeover and that Randi teaching Greg how to say "Shut up, bitch!" still made me laugh, even on its third viewing.

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