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I always feel like such a sucker when I watch recap shows. Yes, I remember what I've been watching. And I'm no dummy: I know your "never-before seen footage" isn't going to be anything special, because if it was, you producers would have put it in the regular episodes that you just rebriefed me on. And your snappy editing and cheesy graphics cannot convince me otherwise.

Beauty and the Geek's clip show was no better than any others and maybe even a little more frustrating because it shed absolutely no additional light on the series' biggest question mark, Sam and Nicole. Other than one little clip that showed Nicole (possibly drunkenly) yukking it up with some fellow geeks in the confessional, we learned nothing more about them as individuals or as a team or why they even chose to participate in the competition.

Otherwise, some people had crushes on other people, Shay is like the amazingly hot black mother Joshua never had and William seems like a dick.

I also might be reading too much into this or maybe I'm just jealous (I'm saying it before any of you can) but I thought it was strange that the show dedicated a few precious minutes to ogling the beauties' bodies. I thought this show was about them becoming more than just beauties? But whatever, I understand, everyone likes boobies.

Grade: D

Stray observations:

—Dave is really starting to grow on me. I think he and Joshua are my favorite geeks.

—I still think Jesse's blonde hair looked ridiculous.

—Is it possible that Luke was actually too cute and vain to truly be a geek? Discuss.

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