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Beautiful people hunt treasure in trailer for Netflix's escapist drama Outer Banks

Since we’re all just fascinating about the outside world right now, let’s turn our attention to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the setting for Netflix’s upcoming teen treasure hunt drama. Lead character John B (Chase Stokes) describes it as “the sorta place where you either have two jobs or two houses.” John B and his “crew” known as the “Pogues” fall into the former category: flipping burgers, mowing lawns, running charters. They then discover a key to a $400 million gold bar treasure, which is possibly related to the recent mysterious disappearance of John B’s dad (who apparently was a Beach Boys fan).

Naturally there’s a beautiful love interest (Madelyn Cline), an advisory adult character (Nashvilles Charles Esten), and other, dangerous fortune hunters. So the series not only boasts young hot people in bathing suits, but young hot bathing-suited people in possible danger, as the show’s tagline cautions, “Living in paradise is no vacation.” John B also adds this advisory line about treasure at the end of the trailer: “Finding it? That’s where your fun ends and all your problems begin.” Mysteries aside, the tantalizing North Carolina coastal scenery alone may be enough to get us to binge this immediately when Outer Banks drops on Netflix on April 15, formerly known as Tax Day.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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