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Avast! It’s the teaser trailer for Black Sails’ final season

Yo ho, yo ho: Here’s a reminder that for the past few years, Starz has been producing a Treasure Island-prequel pirate drama. And while Black Sails perhaps never made too much of a cultural splash, it hobbled along on its peg leg long enough to air three seasons. But now the show is officially walking the plank with a fourth and final season set to debut early next year. And according to this teaser trailer, it’s time for “dark men to do dark things.” Beyond that ominous voiceover, the trailer also shows off the stunning action sequences that have long been Black Sails’ true treasure, including glimpses of what looks to be an impressively staged pirate ship battle. All that and more is waiting when the final season of Black Sails sets sail January 2017.


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