Marah Eakin
Marah Eakin is the Executive Producer of all A.V. Club Video And Podcasts. She is also a Cleveland native and heiress to the country's largest collection of antique and unique bedpans and urinals.
Sep 28

Also, the inside of the cake was “Blink-182" colors. And yes. Why.

Jun 17

We’re doing them as both now. Both a video, and the written story underneath.

Mar 15 2018

The way they do the anecdote portion is that you have 5 different things written down on a card—all anecdotes of your choice—and Alex picks the one he wants to talk about. So it’s POSSIBLE that one was Willy Wonka, and Alex just went for hiking, but I bet Paris just didn’t feel like enduring chocolate jokes for the Read more

Nov 9 2017

LaToya, you are not nearly as broken up about Bughead as Cameron and I were on Dial M For Maple. Woof. The heartbreak.

Oct 7 2017

And Backstreet Boys. Or, at least, that’s the triad that did the show here in Chicago this summer.

Oct 6 2017

I may have purchased three. In my defense, one was for Alex McLevy.