John Teti
John Teti is the host of the smash-hit pop culture podcast Pop Mom. Once, he was the editor-in-chief of The A.V. Club. Another time, he hosted The A.V. Club's TV show.
Sep 20 2019

I really want him to just rip his shirt off during a game and do the first down signal.

Jul 31 2019

I would also like to give a shout-out to the tiny wheel that contestants now spin for a prize in the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune. It’s way better than picking from the 5 WHEEL letters they previously did.

Oct 11 2017

Looks to me like he got his gross opinions thoroughly repudiated by 30 other people, which is kind of how this thing is supposed to work. At this point, seeing him repeatedly told how and why he’s wrong and just how many people think he’s an asshole is more useful as a deterrent than just deleting the thread.

In the Read more

Oct 6 2017

Some of us can handle doing more than one thing at a time.

Sep 21 2017

Great to hear about the return of B&T! As for your TV show, I need it to be on a broadcast channel below 6 or above 54.

Sep 21 2017

As someone who regularly watches TAVCHBJT on a couple-week-delay via Fusion’s Apple TV app, I can confirm that it’s an excellent program with a lot of fun stuff to offer enthusiastic pop culture dorks like myself. Unfortunately, I cannot participate in this social media blitz as the only cable providers that agree to Read more

Sep 21 2017

You’re too hard on yourself, Teti. You’re at least the Roger Moore of editors.

Jul 24 2017

I listen to Eck call games several times a week, and when he is broadcasting, I feel something for the guy as a human that I don’t normally feel for a sports broadcaster. He’s of course wonderfully knowledgable and makes it fun by using all kinds of quirky baseball terms that he himself has made up over the years, Read more

Jul 5 2017

I hesitate to report that the local car wash does not appreciate getting skidmarks out of my underwear this way.