Genevieve Valentine
Feb 17 2015

I'm wondering if the reappearance of the Gorgon in the plot means that Abbie is going to get herself turned to stone in 1781 - as in that's not her identical 'ancestor' in that cave, it's her - and then unfrozen in the present a few days after she's disappeared.

Nov 11 2014

Please let Ichabod get onto the Kardashians and note the differences in rich clans from his time to now.

Jun 9 2014

I didn't find it isolating at all. I love the show more and more each week, but Timothy Dalton and Eva Green are the best part for me. Getting an entire episode of them being able to let loose if fine by me. As a matter of fact it bothered me way less than than an entire episode (no matter how well done) of GoT Read more

Oct 15 2013

I was under the impression the flower the little girl offered Abbie was from the same plant Ichabod had explained shuts at the touch of a human being. Flowering plant is open in the little girls hand, hence Dead Little Girl.