Danette Chavez
TV Editor
Feb 8

I was just imagining Denzel taking a few minutes out to hug everybody, like Han Solo in the Star Wars holiday special

Nov 13

I had given up on this show but I will check it out again! My FAVORITE Walt G performance is”Vice Principals”. But this is one of my favorite things ever. Like it is my ringtone.

Aug 14

My favorite small detail from Freaks and Geeks: Everything you know about high school shows says Cindy’s first boyfriend Todd is supposed to be a tool and you’re supposed to hate him. But it turns out he’s perfectly decent, always nice to Sam, has his own demons, and unlike Cindy is not a Young Republican. No big deal Read more

Aug 14

There’s a scene at the end of the 1st episode (I think it’s that episode) where everybody’s awkwardly stands around at the school dance feeling miserable until Styx’s “Come Sail Away” comes on and everybody just says screw it and dances that might be the most accurate depiction of High School dances and everything Read more

Jul 17

Here’s Lassie’s shopping/chore list. It’s definitely worth reading

Jun 16

did you see Patrick’s gun show in First Contact? Dudes in good shape. 

Jun 16

It definitely shows off Picard’s “little Captain”, which those blue and green stripes helpfully frame for the audience.

Jun 16

I hope there was an episode where he went to the tailor for a new emergency dressing gown and said, “Make it! Sew!”.

Oct 15 2019

Not to be greedy, but Lodge 49 needs 4 seasons Fire, Water, earth, and Air. Maybe 5 if they can manage it, the quintessence, but that’s optional.

Oct 15 2019

Danette, thank you for a great season! What a finale! I loved every second of it and can only pray that AMC grants a Season 3 to wrap it all up (I think this could be the greatest “Only 3 seasons” show in history). Liz is Connie’s Squire!! The closing moments make it so clear, as well as Liz being a part of the Lodge Read more

Aug 20 2019

I loved this episode, and I love this review... But I just have to point out that according to IMDB and the end credits, that dumbass’s name really and truly is... ugh... “Booie."