Dan Jakes
Apr 1

See also: mimosas and bacon-wrapped scallops. My supermarket sells scallops at CAD15/lb and bacon at CAD6/lb. Wrap the scallop with the bacon, and it’s CAD25/lb.

Sep 11

Why would not knowing the details of manufacturing and not knowing about the existence of the Yellowstone caldera be different, fundamentally? Read more

Sep 11

They’re trying to tell you not to be a jerk to people who did need this article.

Sep 11

I’ve always sorta thought that this is what spoonbread is. I’ve eaten and enjoyed corn souffle before ... seem similar, no?

Sep 11

Will a 12-inch skillet with a lower cooking time work? Or does it just need the deeper vessel?

Aug 13

I read that part about the ranch dressing and truffle hot sauce in Carl Weathers’ voice.

Aug 13

I will say that those curly fries from It’s Just Wings are pretty damn good. Mix the ranch dressing with the truffle hot sauce and you’ve got yourself a hell of a dip. Read more

Aug 12

‘Authenticity’ in food is bullshit anyway. The history of humanity since the beginning has been movement across the globe, and with it the mixing of cultures and ideas and flora and fauna. So basically all food is fusion. Read more

Aug 11

Eh, I’m not against dudes rapping about fucking; it’s a beautiful, natural thing. Cee-Lo’s problem is that he’s a misogynist and can’t compute the concept of strong women who use their power of sexuality. I guess he doesn’t like the idea of playing on a level playing-field?

Aug 4

If you think about filmmakers as theater directors (and many have been, including Jodorowsky) and you think about how many gropey “edgy” productions of plays colleges do where they add unnecessary nudity, especially stuff originating in the 60s and 70s, it’s a miracle the me-too movement hasn’t entirely destroyed the Read more

Aug 4

I too hate people for enjoying the things they like. 

Aug 3

I have always loved pumpkin pie. It was part of the reason that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday even growing up. Pumpkin spice is really the only fall thing I still get living in CA so I’m all for it.

Jun 4

that’s kinda funny. I definitely call all fluted tube pans “bundt” pans in casual conversation, but obviously for work purposes I have to use correct trademarks. Some companies really hammer these things home - I suspect people who work for LEGO, for instance, go around parroting “LEGO bricks” all the time just Read more

Apr 11 2020

Hella broke but NEED your al pastor? Its like drinking in a bar...if you can’t afford to tip, drink at home. Read more