Carrie Raisler
Cubicle drone by day, teen drama addict by night. All roads worth taking lead to Capeside, MA.
May 15 2018

I expected Isobel to go full “Giles Ravi, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die” at one point in that episode. Read more

May 8 2018

I liked this episode. It felt more put together than a lot of the episodes this season. It had a through line, and a theme, and murder-solving was backgrounded. I’m glad they fast-forwarded to Major figuring out Liv was Renegade - only 4 episodes after she became Renegade. It’s so fast compared to how long her secret Read more

May 8 2018

You forgot the third reason for Detective Benedetto’s return: a director’s credit for Enrico Colantoni.

Apr 10 2018

In terms of drugs to use for that plot heroin is actually a good choice. There are nasty physical withdrawal symptoms but it is much more psychological - at least from the anecdotes I’ve had shared with me. From those I know who experienced it the physical symptoms are closer to a really bad flu (unlike, say, alcohol Read more