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Jan 13

Interestingly, the car crash was only revealed in the promo for next week’s episode, rather than within this episode itself. (So those catching up on “Birth Mother” on Hulu won’t even see it.) I think that’s why it felt so different than the home invader reveal, which was actually built into the episode as a proper Read more

Nov 23

Definitely a clipboard error! (Or some sort of error, I’ve never even seen that other article before.) Thanks for the catch. The link is updated now and here’s what I was actually trying to share: Read more

Nov 22

Just went back to check and you’re right, it was Guyana not Ghana! Good catch, and I’ll update the article. Thanks!

Nov 18

I was hung up on this too! But the actual test stick she looks at is a ClearBlue pregnancy test (which doesn’t match the brand of the box) with a positive result, so I think it was just a prop error with the box.

Sep 10

I don’t think you’re being oversensitive to raise the question. My hope was to show that Hannah Weinstein and John Berry, while white, had marginalized experiences of their own—both in being Jewish Americans and in being ostracized by the blacklist. And the reason I brought up their religion where I didn’t with the oth Read more

Aug 3

You joke, but God Bless You, Mister Rosewater is actually prominently featured in the doc! Including a great story about Vonnegut coming to see a rehearsal.

Mar 23 2020

Wow, Owen being a Green Martian is just 100% spot on, and I’m not even entirely sure why. 

Mar 19 2020

Ooh that was some kind of bizarre Freudian slip on my end, as I definitely meant to write “selfishly” not “selflessly.” It’s been updated!

Mar 1 2020

I spent most of this episode convinced that the Master was actually the Timeless Child and he was lying to the Doctor about her origin because he needed her help solving something about his past. Turns out I was thoroughly overcomplicating things! 

Mar 1 2020

I believe the Master calls them “glitches of Ireland” or something, which I mostly remember because I thought it was a jarring thing for him to say. 

Feb 17 2020

It’s definitely not better than Clueless (what could ever be better than Clueless?!?), but I do think it’s better (if weirder) than the 1996 Gwyneth version.

Feb 2 2020

Oh, I definitely agree that was the mentality of the day (and in many ways still is today). I just think it’s nice that Working Girl as a film suggests it doesn’t have to be that way, even if characters like Katharine and/or Tess’ male higher-ups think that it does.

Feb 2 2020

Ha! Do you know what, I actually did make that joke in my original draft, but it looks like it (very understandably!) got lost in the edit. But, yes, Tess McGill is definitely complicit in some anti-mutant shenanigans.

Aug 9 2019

This was a question I asked myself many, many times while watching this movie. I’m still unclear on the answer.