Brian Tallerico
Brian is the Editor of, President of the Chicago Film Critics Association, and a contributor to Vulture, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times.
Jul 8 2019

Unless things have changed since the early 2000s, the guy with the restraints is an actual Chicago cop. Which explains his struggle to put a white person in handcuffs.

Apr 7 2019

“Do you think they just have Rob Huebel on speed dial? This was his eighth time voicing a different character. He’s always a welcome voice in a supporting role.” Read more

Jan 17 2019

I enjoyed it.  It got a lot of the aesthetic feel of the comic right, and the characterizations felt spot on.  Killer soundtrack

Jan 17 2019

I’ve mostly enjoyed the comic book series, and I’m interested to see the show tackle the headier parts of it. I think the cast is pretty good. Lana Condor and María Gabriela de Faría, in particular, are the easy stars of the show. I hope it eases off the “edgey” approach a bit, but I’m not looking for high art Read more

Jan 17 2019

Most of the reviews have been pointing out that it doesn’t get beyond dumb, glossy-looking fun in subsequent episodes either. And you know what? I have space in my brain for non-cerebral stuff like that as well. Loved the pilot and am excited for what comes next. Should it get smarter down the line, it’ll only be an Read more