Alex McLevy
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Apr 14

I agree that season was more boring (started off strong - should’ve kept Husbandghost around more) but god, that episode about the caretaker was fucking marvelous. I’ll go back and watch just that one episode, for how good it was.

Apr 13

At some point, you hit a level of wealth/age where writing rock songs is just pointless. Someday, Mick Jagger will reach that level.

But not yet. He’s back baby!!

Apr 5

On the plus side, the rest of the family went on to enjoy a four-day overbearing-Dad-less vacation of a lifetime!

Mar 26

The new Tomahawk album is solid. It’s their first album in 8 years, but they haven’t missed a step.

Mar 6

Im sappy as all hell.  Anything related to losing a parent just snaps me in half.  For godsake I bawled like crazy recently when I watched Jessica Langes death scene in American Horror Story Asylum.  But if I must choose I'd go with the last scene in the Telltale Walking Dead game.  That is heartwrenching not because Read more

Mar 3

No better way for me to lose my enthusiasm for a new Melissa McCarthy movie than finding out that her husband wrote/directed it. God bless them, they seem like they’re very happy, but he is killing any momentum she once had with these god-awful movies.  Read more

Mar 1

Mine too, buddy. Then my girlfriend got into Bettie Page and cherries and I put flames on literally everything I owned and started swing dancing. Now I own an Arthur Murray franchise.
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Feb 26

Ghosteen was utterly heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I don’t know why I keep revisiting it, when it makes me feel so sad.

Feb 22

I read “Sean Cameron Michael” as “John Cameron Mitchell.” This movie would be an interesting change of pace, to say the least.

Feb 22

Sad, he should have gone for “now that’s what I call hammer time”. I mean, what does any of that have to do with playing drums (does the movie make a thing of him being a drummer?).  Plus he has a hammer. Read more

Feb 22

I mean, I kinda wanna give this one an award just for being titled “Triggered” and then being about literal triggers being pulled. That is so much better than what you would expect just from reading the title. Hell, I was already glad it wasn’t a Joe Rogan comedy special. Read more

Feb 4

They were so preoccupied with whether John could dig the hole that they forgot to ask if John should dig the hole.

Feb 3

I would love a remastered version of this article for this momentous occasion.

Feb 3

Can you believe we’re only four months away from the 10th anniversary of the infamous “We love the new Dawes album and here’s why you should too!” shitshow? Read more