Alex McLevy
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Mar 26

Very true! But it’s the first full-length album from the new moniker, even though they’ve also technically released a record together as a duo before (the 2012 acoustic-centric Nude On Sand).

Feb 22

This is the kind of sensible script supervision for which Triggered desperately calls out.

Feb 8

What’s a movie where you’re a little embarrassed to admit how much you enjoy it?

Feb 3

One of their better records since the Punk In Drublic days, if you’re a fan of that genre of music. But no, you don’t have to look forward to it, recognitions! Don’t let it come to that if you don’t want to! 

Jan 26

It makes a strong contender for best INXS album, Kick notwithstanding.

Jan 25

Honestly, there’s a lot to like, it’s just seriously uneven. 

Dec 18

What can I say? The game brought me peace. Of course it doesn’t need my endorsement; it’s not making any “best of” lists, but there is a zen calm it induces.

Dec 18

We covered Last Of Us Pt II in our best-of mid-year piece, which is why it’s not here. But yes, also different strokes. 

Dec 15

Nice to see another person with that Secret Machines record on their list. 

Nov 2

It really did come out of nowhere to become omnipresent this year, didn’t it.

Oct 27

Agreed that there’s some great stuff there. I’m looking forward to spending more time with that one.