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Ash kicks Deadite ass, goes for churros afterwards in new Ash Vs. Evil Dead trailer

For horror fans of a certain age, it’s hard to imagine that one of the most anticipated new series this fall is based on a 1981 low-budget cult favorite. But it is: Starz unleashed a new trailer for Ash Vs. Evil Dead over the weekend that sheds a little light—and a lot of gore—on the plot of the new series.


Ash and his cohorts are on the road, probably fighting a monster (or maybe monsters of the week) as our hero searches for “one spell [he] can say to undo this B.S. once and for all.” It would appear that audiences will be getting more of the delusional Lothario Ash from Army Of Darkness that they know and love, with all of his silly quips, sarcastic sense of humor, and mild racism. However it seems that the series itself is more in line with the tone of Evil Dead 2, utilizing a mix of blood, violence, and slapstick.

The trailer features a few cool Deadite designs, plenty of thick Karo syrup, and Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi’s signature kinetic camera work, making it fit right in with the rest of the Evil Dead universe. (That shouldn’t be surprising, since Raimi directed the pilot.) It also helps that the whole thing is cut to Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin,” which feels like it would definitely be one of Ash’s favorite tunes.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead premieres October 31 on Starz.