Sex Box, the show where people have sex in a box and then talk to a panel of experts about it while wearing silk pajamas, has released a trailer for its inaugural season on WE TV. The trailer says that this is all happening “for the first time ever on television,” which is a lie. (As we reported last year, Sex Box was based on a British TV special.) But it does go on to specify, “In this box,” so maybe it’s referring to the sex box being constructed especially for Sex Box and not bought secondhand at a used sex-box dealership. Anyway, we’ll let it slide.

Questions like whether the studio audience is already seated while the couples have sex inside the box, who, exactly, is responsible for cleaning said sex box, and what the going rate is for something like that, are not answered in the trailer. But this sounds like a nightmare for someone suffering from performance anxiety, an issue that is commonly treated by attempting to have sex in what looks like a futuristic playpen as an increasingly bored and impatient studio audience waits nearby. If contestants get nervous, we recommend they mutter, “Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na SEX BOX!” under their breath, like we did while watching the trailer.