It’s good to be back at Litchfield. Copy editor Gwen Ihnat and social media manager Cameron Scheetz check in for visiting hours with the first two episodes of Orange Is The New Blacks third season, “Mother’s Day” and “Bed Bugs And Beyond.” The Netflix show wastes no time throwing viewers back into the lives of their favorite inmates as they welcome guests both wanted (their kids for a special Mother’s Day event) and unwanted (bedbugs). With all the excitement going on, Gwen and Cameron begin to wonder if Piper, the show’s nominal lead, and Alex, her penitentiary paramour, are the show’s least interesting storyline. Their love-hate relationship seems even less essential after Caputo gets some big news that casts a dark cloud on the season moving forward. For more on season three’s bigger picture, don’t forget to read Joshua Alston’s pre-air review. Also, be on the lookout for daily TV Club coverage from Myles McNutt, starting with his take on the season premiere. And Cameron and Gwen will be back at DVR Club next week with a look at episodes three through seven, so start binge-watching!