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Archer goes hard with 7 teaser trailers

Newly liberated from the espionage racket after the season-six finale, Sterling Archer and his equally disaffected cohorts have migrated to Los Angeles to hang their shingle as a team of private investigators. (The teaser/homage to Magnum P.I. we got at the beginning of the month should make a little more sense now.) They did their time as spies and as drug dealers, so this seems like a natural progression. Is it possible that with Cyril in charge of the operation, they could fare a little better than in their past professions? Probably not. But who knows? The show has certainly surprised before.


In the seven trailers that FX just released for Archer’s upcoming seventh season, we get a taste of the absurd chaos to come. Don’t worry though — it’s just a bunch of snippets. No spoilers, unless you want to count a naked Archer getting kicked in the crotch by Lana as a spoiler. But you probably could have foreseen that.

Archer will return to FX on March 31.

And, for good measure, here’s an eighth season-seven trailer that FX released last week:

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