A Very Special EpisodeA single television episode can exemplify the spirit of its time. A Very Special Episode presents The A.V. Club’s survey of TV at its most distinctive.  

We close out the third cycle of "A Very Special Episode" tomorrow with the third season Leave It To Beaver episode "The Last Day Of School," which means it's time for another announcement of what you can expect from the column for the next six months. Barring any last-minute changes or rearrangements, the next ten VSE installments will be as follows:

June 30th
Celebrity Hot Potato, 6/29/84

July 21st
Dinosaurs, "Changing Nature"

August 11th
Land Of The Lost, "Album"

September 1st
Beauty & The Beast, "Ozymandias"

September 22nd
Studio One, "The Arena"

October 13th
Soap, Episode 44

November 3rd
Cheers, "Fortune & Men's Weight"

November 24th
Ally McBeal, "It's My Party"

December 15th
Dragnet, "The Christmas Story"

January 6th
Cheap Seats, "Superstars 1978"

The big change with this next batch is that the column moves from running ever other week to running every three weeks, which will give you all more time to seek out the episodes and play along at home.