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Animal Kingdom returns this May for more surf and mayhem

Although our first look at Animal Kingdom season two suggested the hierarchy was shifting, and that Smurf’s (Ellen Barkin) position was weakening, the Cody matriarch is back with a vengeance in this new teaser. The clip opens with Smurf laying out her plan, which involves letting “them”—her sons, her enemies, whoever stands in her way—think they’re in control. Her boys are running too wild to focus on Smurf—well, everyone except for Baz (Scott Speedman), who looks to be digging his heels in. And what of young J (Finn Cole), who, despite not even being out of high school, is already outsmarting law enforcement? He’s not making a move yet, but a hunger for power seems to run in this family. We’ll learn more when Animal Kingdom returns to TNT on May 30.


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