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Andy Daly, Scott Aukerman, and a bunch of comedy ringers all need rides in the Drive Share trailer

Uber and Lyft would probably be less of a nightmare if you were guaranteed to interact with at least one brilliant comedy mind over the course of your amateur taxi trip. Or maybe not, if the trailer for go90’s new series Drive Share is anything to go off of: the promo features comedy ringers like Natasha Leggero, Scott Aukerman, Andy Daly, and more (plus creators Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer) giving each other rides, and the results seem to be uniformly chaotic by the end.

From the trailer, the series seems like a far-flung sketch show with one central conceit: Everything happens within the socially nebulous boundaries of a ride-share car. Scenarios depicted range from the mundane—Leggero blowing off her kid, Daly ranting about a night of debauchery—to the bizarrely high-concept (Aukerman as death, Scheer as his own future self, or Huebel as a Mad Max-style figure transporting paint-huffing weirdos across the wastes). Drive Share debuts January 30 on Verizon’s go90 network, ensuring that there’s now yet another streaming service you’ll have to subscribe to to keep track of all your favorite comics’ projects.


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