Much like the historical Jesus, season one of Black Jesus found Compton’s lord and savior on the wrong side of the law. This season finds Jesus emerging from incarceration with a vision from his dad; specifically, God wants to see his son and friends getting into a business that’s more legit (or maybe he just wants to get them out of the THC-spaghetti sauce business).

Armed with a purpose, we see Jesus striving to walk the righteous path, which apparently involves a combination mobile church/taco truck/massage parlor. Predictably, Jesus’ good intentions don’t seem to go over smoothly. Meanwhile, John Witherspoon fans can rejoice that he’s also returned as the enjoyably unpleasant Lloyd, seen here humping a gas oven as a dismayed Charlie Murphy looks on. While we don’t know if Jesus will succeed in shepherding his flock to less felonious pastures (glimpses of well-armed followers don’t bode well), we do learn one critical detail: the Son of Man does not have x-ray vision.


Black Jesus returns to our earthly plane September 18 on Adult Swim.