Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Thursday, July 26. All times are Eastern.


Louie (FX, 10 p.m.): Louis C.K. is rightly praised for being one of modern comedy’s most inventive minds—but his is a highly reverent mind, as well. He is, after all, the guy who used his big break with HBO to make a filthy, emotionally honest update of TV’s most storied format: The multi-camera sitcom. Paying tribute to another touchstone of television past, “Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 2)” concludes Louie’s first ever two-parter, following C.K. to his date with Parker Posey. In line with traditions of television comedy and the series itself, it’s only a matter of time before something goes horribly, hilariously awry. And when it does, Nathan Rabin will be there to write about it.



Project Runway (Lifetime, 9 p.m.): The “unconventional materials” challenge turns sticky and sweet, with the contestants making room in their sewing kits for candy. Margaret Eby demands at least one design that uses button candy in lieu of actual buttons.


Burn Notice (USA, 9 p.m.): Michael gets closer to the elusive Anson Fullerton (he’s as elusive as Robert Denby!)—though not too close, as that would void the show’s reason for existence. And we’d hate to see this show go on for longer than it has any right to.

Wilfred (FX, 10 p.m.): Old object of affection meets new object of affection, as Ryan introduces Jenna to Amanda—and Wilfred gets in the middle, which he’s welcome to do, since his name is in the title and everything. If the show was called Rowan, Rowan Kaiser would be allowed to do the same.

Suits (USA, 10 p.m.): Vague elements of the episode description, preventing a clearer picture of the episode to come: “unorthodox case,” “beloved institution,” and “encounters a problem.” Human writer Carrie Raisler puts  words on her computer screen to translate feelings about television show.


Awkward. (MTV, 10:30 p.m.): Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other can be an important passage in a teenage’s life. Instead, this year, Cupid’s bringing Jenna a big match of jealousy at Matt’s ability to move on. Is gift giving part of the Cupid myth? Myles McNutt looks it up in his copy of Guide To Recognizing Your Minor Roman Gods.


Monty Python’s Flying Circus (11 a.m.): When was the last time your cat was confused? Why not expose it this week’s Flying Circus pairing, featuring the classic “Confuse-A-Cat.” Zack Handlen is also the proprietor of Bewilderbeest Inc.


The Thick Of It (1 p.m.): Follow the money to find that neither side of The Thick Of It’s political divide is any cleaner than the other. When David Sims followed the money, he found a bowl full of hearts, stars, horeshoes, clovers, and blue moons that’s part of this complete breakfast.


Code 9 (Disney, 8 p.m.): Or, “Kids play the darnedest tricks on their parents with the help of Disney Channel cameras and a Hollywood makeup team.”


3 (CBS, 10 p.m.): If we were into numerology, we’d look into why there are two shows premièring tonight with multiples of three in their titles. Instead, we’d like to point out another number: A million, as in “Hasn’t the ‘multiple people vie for the romantic attention of one person’ premise been done a million times before?”

Evil Twins (ID, 10 p.m.): True crime knows no zygotic boundaries, hence this ID series detailing crimes committed by or involving twins. Yeah! Twins! [High five. Guitar lick. Shame.]

Clipaholics (TruTV, 10 p.m.): Tosh.0 didn’t kill off all of its similarly themed, clip-centric competition. The viewers of this show are addicted to clipahol, while TruTV is addicted to barely tweaking successful cable-show formats and claiming them as its own.


Open Water (IFC, 8 p.m.): Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Chris Kentis stranded two scuba divers in shark-infested waters, then toyed with them (and moviegoers’ thalassophobia) for 79 minutes.

Marty (TCM, 9 p.m.): In honor of the late Ernest Bornine’s recent death, TCM presents his crowning achievement: His Oscar-winning portrayal of a simple Bronx butcher with an irrepressible optimistic streak.

2012 Summer Olympics: Men’s soccer (UAE vs. Uruguay, Great Britain vs. Senegal): For the first time since 1960, the nations of the United Kingdom are playing what they call “football” under a single banner at the Olympics. Probably to give the team a leg up toward winning a gold medal on home turf for a game its ancestors invented.



WakeBrothers: Sonia Saraiya made the world’s first and only WakeBrothers-Ernest Hemingway comparison in this review. You can start referring to the show as Young Men And The Wake any time now.