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Amy Schumer already regrets her outfit in the trailer for The Leather Special

It’s a time-honored tradition for successful comedians, Amy Schumer notes towards the end of the trailer for her upcoming stand-up special: Comedians filming a set where they wear leather, and then regretting it later. Not so for the comedian and star of Trainwreck—she’s going to go ahead and regret wearing leather before her special is even done filming. That combination of confrontational and vulnerable nicely captures where Schumer’s humor has gone in the past couple years, as she’s experienced massive international success. The jokes on display here fit into either her traditional subject matter (frank sexual comedy, gender norms) or address the difficult balancing act of remaining honest and relatable in the face of such runaway stardom. ”In the last year, I’ve gotten really rich, famous, and humble,” she begins. It’s a special that looks to change few minds—if you like her comedy, things seem up your alley, and if you don’t, nothing in this new hour is probably going to sway you—but for those who appreciate her raw-nerve style, The Leather Special will likely be another excellent addition to her library of material.


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