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American Idol: The Top 10 Girls Perform

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It's not looking great for the girls on Idol when for the second week in a row, the band outshone them. We heard plenty of hot guitar riffs and plenty of questionable song choices. Syesha, Ramiele, Alaina, Alexandrea and Asia'h especially got taken to task for picking songs that were too big for them or didn't suit them or just weren't such great singing songs. On the flip side, I think some of the other gals picked songs that were a little too good for them, in that they helped peg their identity but didn't really do much to show off their talent. "You're So Vain" is a great song but Brooke didn't do much with it, plus she even kind of looks like Carly Simon, so I'd think she'd want to take her style but make it her own. Amanda seems so determined to prove that she rocks that she picked a song right off a commercial for classic rock radio. Carly undoubtedly had the strongest performance of the night and I know that she had sentimental reasons for choosing "Crazy on You" but we already heard her sing Heart, so I didn't think it significantly broadened her horizons. But her boobs looked great.

The girls in general are pretty boring compared to the guys, personality-and talent-wise. Syesha, you're an actress? Well you told us that already. Ramiele, you hula dance? Tell it to Sanjaya. Kristy Lee Cook, I had no idea you were a tomboy, because I know so many girly-girls who wrangle horses. The only one that was mildly interesting to me (other than Alexandrea's inexplicable "almost joining the fire department") was Alaina and her weird food-touching-phobia, not because it was so deep but because her cheery semi-airhead teen personality is the most charming and real thus far. Amanda, despite her crazy-ass hair and pants seems kind of bored onstage when she's not singing, and Kady Malloy for the second week in a row pouted after her performance. I don't know why; she was wearing the cutest outfit of anyone all night (which is why her picture is up.)

The judges by and large were full of some good insight tonight at least. Randy was right when he said Syesha seemed "uninterested" during "Me And Mrs./Mr. Jones" (the whole point of the song falls apart when a girl sings it.) Simon may prove to be right by telling Kristy Lee to go a more country route. I wish he'd tell her to stop doing that squat pose when she sings, too. I don't know if she thinks it makes her look like an ol' bow-legged cowgirl but it makes her look like she's about to take a poop on the stage. And Paula, of all people, was giving some good styling advice: "We need to mess you up," to Alaina, and she was right on in telling Amanda to tone it the f down with the hair and makeup and clothing. Now if only she can fix that weird speech impediment and compulsive need to insert the word "child" into every song she sings.

Grade: B-

Stray observations:

—I wish Ryan would stop calling the guys "the dawg pound."

—Is Simon getting married?

—kerouac9 pointed out last night that Simon was doing that weird "one-antler" thing a lot last night and tonight I couldn't help but notice it too. Which is not a good sign for how entertaining the show was.

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