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American Idol: 4 Finalists Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed

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Ugh, America! Boo! What's wrong with you!  The elimination tonight was at least 50%, if not 75% bullshit, which means the season just got that much less promising. The eliminations started off decently enough, with Paige moving into the top 12 and Katelyn being eliminated. I never hated Katelyn but I also never thought the show needed her.

I was someone surprised, though, that Todrick got eliminated tonight of all nights.  I could have seen him go last week more than this week, when I thought he gave a somewhat redeeming performance. In fact, I actually think his version of "Somebody to Love" tonight was better than the first go-around. He was classy with his exit.

Then everything went insane. I think it was symbolized by the blocking going awry, with the contestants not knowing where to stand and being too afraid of Debbie the stage manager to go where Ryan asked them to.  Once that particular space-time continuum was ruptured, one of the top things that could go wrong happened: Alex Lambert got eliminated. Not only that, but instead of Andrew Garcia.  Now, Alex did not do a great job on Tuesday night, but I thought that with his unique voice and cute little face he had a top spot sewn up on the show.  Not so.  Who knows what went wrong. Maybe it was the mullet. Maybe it's that America got bored without something to read on his neck while he performed. Maybe America wants to hear Andrew’s take on Lady Gaga.  Either way, Alex was clearly shocked in something of a little-boy way.  I would love to know what went down during the "intense moments" of the commercial break that followed.

The final WTF moment of the night came when Lilly Scott was eliminated over Katie. Personally I could take or leave Lilly in general but she was definitely more interesting a contestant than Katie.  I give Lilly props for not hiding how salty the eliminations made her.  "A lot of incredible talent is going home tonight. I just don't know what America wants to hear."  It wants to hear crap, Lilly.


Be afraid, Crystal Bowersox, be very afraid. 

—Unlike last week, it vaguely sounded like some of the contestants were actually singing in the pre-recorded group number. However, why did it only sound like about 6 of them were singing, max, as opposed to 14?

—Matt Giraud beat Scott MacIntyre in the dueling pianos performance, although despite how uncool a Billy Joel duet can be, they both seem like they're doing OK post-Idol and I even think Scott's gotten a bit better.

—Please suggest your dream/nightmare scenarios for Rolling Stones week. I guess my nightmare scenario is that Aaron sings "Under My Thumb" and then somebody gets stabbed.

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