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I am kind of confused but I've been that way for the last few weeks. We learned more tonight about Idol’s wild card process, but it's still not entirely clear. Maybe it never will be. But more on that later.


We opened the results show as we normally do, with recaps of recaps we've already seen and Simon getting the biggest cheer out of all the judges. The group performed Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" and I think I discovered the secret to why these performances have been so good lately—it looked like there was a bit of pre-recorded vocal assistance going on, to my cynical eyes. We also learned how the Idol producers were going to get around Scott's disability—the guys basically danced while sitting down. All in all though it was a corny but cute performance.

I really hate this hidden audition commercial speedbumps. I would rather see a funny audition from three years ago than a boring one from this year.

So then we took another look at what happened last night and Ryan went through the contestants. He asked Nathaniel if he was offended by the judges' comments, which I thought was an odd question, since when have the judges or anyone cared about such things? Nathaniel again pointed out that he's a "fun person" and that "I do have a killer voice that you haven't heard yet." Not to be rude (to coin a phrase), but if we haven't heard it by now, it's too late.


Jorge got screams for his introduction, Felicia was rocking a weird side ponytail and Ju'Not revealed that he had an asthma attack during the rehearsal of the group performance (so perhaps it was him, and not Scott, who merited the scaled-back dancing).

Ryan cut through the bullshit and sent Lil Rounds to the top twelve right off the bat. I noticed last night that she has a cute laugh/shout. So good for her, and now you all can quit complaining about the all white top twelve. There is at least one black person on it, you happy now? Plus, Scott's disability cancels out his whiteness. Yes, he got sent through as the next member of the top twelve which was kind of tedious since Ryan was going down a line and Scott was at the end of it. Ryan helped Scott stand up when his name was announced and maybe it's wishful thinking but I thought I got a flicker of "I know how to stand up when my name is called, asshole" cross Scott's face. But he did need some help delivering a hug to Alex. Oh well, we’ve all had those awkward hugs.

Simon had one of a few funny/cute moments tonight when the camera cut to him as Ryan read the judges' comments about Nathaniel. Simon pursed his lips, shrugged and grinned,  with sort of a "Yeah, I said it. My god, I'm bored…and adorable." expression. Ryan found this as endearing as I did. Neither Nathaniel nor Kristen made it through to the top twelve, nor Felicia nor, for the moment, Von, although Simon laughed at Ryan's reference to "his friend Clay Aiken." Ryan double faked us out with the last contestant going to the top twelve, making us think that Ju'Not and Jorge would have to wait until the commercial to find out who made it but we didn’t and it was totally Jorge! Good for him.  The top twelve is now even more of a rainbow than before.


So then we found out that the judges didn't just pick three extra people to make up the wild card, as I thought. No, they picked a random group of the leftovers (not explaining how they chose that group) and THEN picked 8 people from THAT group and THOSE people are going to sing tomorrow and I don't really know what's going on. Why are they doing this to us? I don't have a problem with the wild card system but this glut of people being brought in and out, back and forth is tedious. 36 people is TOO MANY.

So our three wild cards will be chosen from these eight people, who sing tomorrow:

—Von Smith. Simon wants him to wear a hat. I don't disagree.

—Jasmine Murray. I knew she was too pretty not to come back.

—Ricky Braddy. I guess he must have something.

—Megan. I knew the judges couldn't resist how "unique" she is.

—Tatiana: I could see her coming a mile away from her introduction, since Randy discussed how entertaining and how dedicated this person was. The judges pretty much openly mocked her again, both Kara and Simon putting their hands over their hearts. Even the audience was pretty much just laughing at her tear-streaked face.


—Matt Giraud.

—Jesse, in a last-minute change. I think the judges like her but she needs to come up with a niche stat.

—And, obvs (er, I mean, "obviously), Anoop.

The only people from that group who I would actually like to see make it are Anoop and Tatiana, the latter just for the yuks, thrills and chills. Maybe I’ll throw Ricky Braddy in there since I know nothing about him and sometimes nothing is better than something.


So, I guess there is more of this tomorrow. Whee?

Grade: B

Stray observations:

—Poor Jorge's song got cut off, although, why am I complaining? I hate those damn reprises.