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American Idol: 1 of 5 Voted Off

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The medley wasn't as bad as it usually is, maybe because there wasn't a lot of choreography and I think there was some actual live singing going on? Maybe?  Once again Mike was a 300 lb cornball, this time employing a hat, boutonniere and swingin', snappin' arm.  I actually thought it was sort of cute hearing Aaron sing "It Was a Very Good Year." It wasn't as cringeworthy as the Elvis medley.
I didn't really understand the concept of the Ford music video.  Everyone kind of ran into each other, Crystal had a crush on Lee and then on Casey. But there were some cute French bulldogs in it. I think I would like these videos much better if they starred only dogs.

Killing time, the episode showed us a day in the life of the Idol contestants which was actually worth its time for showing us the judge stand-ins which for some reason was hilarious to me, obviously especially Randy Jackson's stand-in.
Again killing time, Ryan let Lee talk for like five minutes about how he is hard on himself and whatever, but after all that, he was safe.

Lady Gaga performed "Alejandro" which to me sounded like a retread of "La Isla Bonita" although to me the best white-women-singing-about-a-Latin-guy song is ABBA's "Fernando." Anyway, I like Gaga fine: her music is good for working out and I like seeing what she wears but I don't think she's Jesus or anything. Either I am just used to her or her performance was a little subdued for her, featuring a black lace outfit and a black veil/hood and dancing guys and a fountain.  Yawn.

We saw more of Harry Connick, Jr. and the contestants.  He seems to have a sense of humor that borders on dickish but he might also just be a serious chop-buster. I thought it was funny when he told Mike to quit talking about his stupid baby and I thought it was even funnier when he tried to give Crystal shit about checking her cell phone but it was actually her insulin pump. Whoomp whoomp.
While I established last night that I am pro-Connick, Jr. I don't need him all the time so I wasn't all up into the All-Connick next segment as he sung a sorta sleepy version of "And I Love Her" and then the contestants performed a medley of his songs.  I guess it does mean though that if he performed after Gaga that means at least in terms of Idol, Connick, Jr. > Gaga?

Back to eliminations. Casey seemed really pissed about last night, but fortunately for him it didn't affect him as Mike and Aaron made up the bottom two, which Ryan dragged out. They really didn't have enough stuff to fill this episode.  Long story short, Aaron got eliminated and Ryan asked him "How old do you think you are now?" and Aaron, because he does not mess around, said "Still 17."  Ha ha Ryan, in your face.

—I still like Harry and Ellen messing with each other. And Harry contemplating being a "centaur" instead of a "mentor".

—Hey remember when Jamie Foxx was the mentor and he wasn't very helpful and he used the next night to perform his AutoTune-enhanced song? Well it's happening again next week.

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